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Where has Winter Gone?

Published 01/30/2020 by Zach Battin

Wondering where winter has gone? You aren't alone! We've seen above average temperatures for majority of the winter so far! With the average for Dayton, Ohio close to 35° this time of year, we have been more often than not in the 40s and occasionally in the 50s! So far this year we just haven't seen that cold air curculating around the North Pole break its way down to our area. The result? Above average temperatures and even a tornado near Troy! So what does the future hold? The first image here is the GFS (American) model showing what it believes lies in store for us as far as preciptation goes through 02/06.

The second image is the current GFS (American) model run depicting what it thinks temperatures will do through 02/06. It looks to keep above average temps until right around the 6th when a blast of cold air moves in. How likely is this? Hard to say but it's worth watching as the same model also sees some moisture in the area which could lead to some wintry weather. As always, this is pretty far out and will more than likely change but we will keep an eye on it! With the warm temperatures, does this mean we see an early Spring? Maybe but I have feeling Old Man Winter won't go down without a fight!