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Signs of a Messy Weekend? (Outdated)

Published 01/08/2020 by Brian Armstrong

Welcome everyone to the new weather news blog brought to you by Zachary and myself. Currently we are monitoring a significant weather maker for the majority of the Ohio Valley. The big question is however, what type of impact is this storm going to have on you? Hopefully we can provide some insight and answers and allow you to prepare for this weather maker no matter what it brings with it! Currently models have a great agreement on a large amount of precipitation falling from this storm (Anywhere from 2-4 inches in spots). If this falls even as rain this will cause the potential for isolated flooding, while flood prone areas might see significant flooding due to reduced soil water retention and current saturation levels. The big question mark comes from the wintery aspect of this storm (as usual). With this storm a 50 mile track to the southeast or northwest can have a drastic impact on the type of precipitation individuals see and what type of impact they will have in their area.

Here are some analogs from the Cooperative Institute for Precipitation Systems (These analogs take past storm system dynamics and compare them to the current storm system) As you can see in the first image above, the top analog only has 1-2 inches of snow falling in Southern MI with ZERO snow in Ohio. Currently most of the operational models disagree with this assumption along with myself. (This image was taken from the midnight run from 01/06/19-01/07/19)

The American (GFS) Model

The Canadian (GDPS) Model

The European Model (Euro)

The North American Mesoscale Forecast System (NAM - Goes out 84hrs)

As you can see, many of these models are bringing a very dynamic storm system into our region Friday-Sunday. These models are still wildly bouncing around and have not locked on to one particular event to unfold as of yet. In fact the EURO took a massive jump to the west which would actually allow for some severe weather for our area! ( I don't believe this will be the case)

Regardless, we will do our best to keep you informed and make this blog area as a location to cover these potentially massive storms days before impact and perhaps do some explanation on how they came to be after they move through the area!