South Charleston Chasers

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The Team


Brian Armstrong

Hello, my name is Brian Armstrong. I am a BGSU Graduate of 2019 and I majored in Geography. I have been chasing storms since I could drive while being fascinated with them since I was a small child, and I have developed a passion for photography while helping others in need when a storm impacts our chase area. I have been to many states to storm chase and hope to travel across the country to see what powerful weather phenomenon this country has to offer.


Zach Battin

My Name is Zach Battin and I have been storm chasing locally for around 4 years, and has expanded to more distant chases over the past 2 years. Currently residing in Ohio where there is always a variety of weather, I have managed to document a variety of weather. I was been present for at least three tornadoes including the November 2017 Celina, Ohio tornado and the May 27th 2019 EF-1 and EF-3 tornado near Celina, Ohio. I'm looking to expand the chasing area this year and chase as much as he possibly can.