Severe Weather Returns!

       So far this season, severe weather has been pretty absent from the normal areas. While there have been some places that have not been so lucky such as here in Ohio, places like Oklahoma and Kansas have yet to see a single tornado. This coming week, all of that could change. One thing that’s been lacking so far this Spring is moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to the current position of the jet stream, most of the moisture has been held to the deep South.

          As you can see from the video, this coming week that all changes. The green color you see spreading through the Central U.S. indicates moisture surging in from Gulf of Mexico. Dew Points will reach in to the 60’s and even 70’s in some spots which means there is plenty of moisture in the atmosphere for storms to tap in to if other ingredients can also come together. One of those ingredients is instability or Convective Available Potential Energy (C.A.P.E).

          The C.A.P.E values increase through next week meaning the chance for severe storms also increases! Keep your eye out for more information regarding the exact timing and placement of the events. Right now Tuesday and Wednesday look to be the biggest days in the Plains!

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